10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need ΘΩΡΑΚΙΣΜΕΝΕΣ ΠΟΡΤΕΣ ΑΣΦΑΛΕΙΑΣ

It's been quite a while since we discussed security doors, so we thought it was high time for a refresher. Let's start by advising ourselves what they are and why we require them.

What is a security door, and why do we require them?

Put simply, and as the name implies, a security door offers enhanced defense and protecting from various unfavorable scenarios and ΠΟΡΤΕΣ ΑΣΦΑΛΕΙΑΣ situations; as an effect they are most likely to be heavy duty and of really strong (often however not constantly metal) building, and terrific care will have been taken on their style. There are a number of reasons that we may need them, chief among which are:

avoiding undesirable gain access to (conscious as always of emergency situation evacuations).

preventing or slowing down the passage of ΘΩΡΑΚΙΣΜΕΝΕΣ ΠΟΡΤΕΣ ΑΘΗΝΑ fire and/or smoke.

security-- a design that gets rid of the possibility of fingers getting trapped in the door.

Implications of not installing security doors ...

Well, there are a number of, and they all hinge (no pun meant) on being not able to prevent the undesirable things happening: if your doors are not protect then it's easier for individuals to break in and steal or damage your goods and home; fire and smoke will spread even more rapidly; and individuals's fingers can get caught in closing doors. So we're speaking about various points on the scale which vary from actual loss of life through breaking the law and contravening regulations through significantly harmed hands and fingers through loss/damage of/to important possessions to raised insurance coverage premiums ... with all sorts of industrial ramifications.

Need we say more?

PAS 24.

This is your warranty that the door is being monitored by a UKAS recognized certification body to guarantee compliance with PAS 24:201.

Enhanced security efficiency requirements for doorsets and windows in the UK. External doorsets and windows intended to use a level of security ideal for houses and other structures exposed to comparable risk and the particular and the relevant product specific requirement for general efficiency referenced in BS 6375 Parts 1, http://query.nytimes.com/search/sitesearch/?action=click&contentCollection®ion=TopBar&WT.nav=searchWidget&module=SearchSubmit&pgtype=Homepage#/ΠΟΡΤΕΣ ΑΣΦΑΛΕΙΑΣ 2 and 3.

PAS 24, like many British Standards, is a minimum requirement. Simply put it does not include higher or lower grades for security, and so doors that are evaluated to the specifications of the standard either pass or fail. Although a few of the doorsets that pass will be a little more powerful than the minimum needed, a minimum basic motivates engineers to develop the door to pass at the minimum requirements. This makes financial and environmental sense and the efficiency of doors certificated to this standard has shown that the minimum levels set by the British Standards were practically spot on.

Classes of usage.

Because there are all sorts of different environments where security doors are required, many of which are used by the public, as you may anticipate there is a British Requirement to help direct you through what kind of door you require: DD171:1987.

The standard sets out four levels or classes of usage:.

Light task-- low frequency of usage and probably not that extreme, such as in a personal house.

Medium duty-- medium frequency of use, some chance of an accident, however the door is not typically used by the public-- for example an internal office door.

Heavy duty-- great deals of use, consisting of by the public, and a reasonably high chance of an accident-- for example in a retail outlet.

Severe duty-- the only image you require to have in your mind here is a school when the bell chooses playtime and all the children run towards the door. Enough stated!


Installing a safe and secure door to avoid undesirable gain access to and the spread of fire and smoke is one thing, however how do we avoid fingers getting trapped? This is where Safehinge comes in-- a kind of door hinge which entirely eliminates any opportunity of fingers getting trapped by utilizing a specialist pivot set and a curved (aluminium) profile-- the space at the hinge when opening and closing is therefore gotten rid of.

Professional recommendations.

We have actually touched on a few of the essential things to think about when considering security doors, but naturally there are other factors to consider too; as typical it's vital that you speak with the experts.

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